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Brazilian Butt Lift – A Technique Perfectioned in Mexico

If you’re considering getting the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure, you’ll want to know how it’s performed and what to expect afterward. You can also read about the procedure’s side effects and costs. You’ll also want to ensure you take all precautions to make the procedure safe and effective.

Brazilian butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is the prevalent cosmetic procedure today. The technique has been perfected in Mexico and has gained international recognition, with more than 77,000 women having BBL procedures since 2015. The Brazilian butt lift is a physical surgery that involves incisions on the buttocks and can be done on both men and women.

The process is generally performed as an outpatient and can take as little as one to two hours to complete. The patient is normally discharged the same day, though an overnight stay is available. After the process, the patient will be closely monitored to ensure no complications. Typically, a follow-up visit is required after some days.

Side effects

Although it is a popular cosmetic procedure, BBL is not without risk. There is a chance of serious side effects, including bruising, blistering, and scabbing. Understanding the risks associated with the procedure is essential before deciding if it is right for you. The process is also not covered by insurance, so you will have to pay for it out of pocket.

The process is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation and can take anywhere from two to four hours. It is typically performed in a surgery center or hospital. Before the procedure, patients should refrain from smoking and take prescribed medications.


Generally, the cost of BBL in Mexico is quite affordable. Nevertheless, prices can vary depending on the clinic and currency fluctuations. In addition, patients should be aware that many plastic surgery clinics in Mexico offer discounts and limited-time offers. These plastic surgery clinics will contact you after your consultation and provide you with more information about the cost of BBL in Mexico.


If you’re considering the Brazilian butt lift, there are some important pre and post-surgery precautions. First, you should avoid prolonged sitting for the next two weeks, as this could damage your grafted fat. If you must sit, use a pillow behind your legs to raise your buttocks and avoid putting pressure on your grafts. Secondly, sleep on your side or face down for a couple of weeks after your procedure. Your plastic surgeon can respond to any questions you may have.

The procedure may be painful, so it is important to stay off your buttocks for at least 14 days after the procedure. Anesthesia may be prescribed to alleviate pain. Patients will also need to take short walks to improve blood circulation.


The results of BBL are permanent, but a patient must follow certain guidelines to maintain the results. Patients are advised not to sit down for up to two weeks after the procedure and should use a pillow behind their buttocks to avoid placing pressure on the fat grafts. They are also advised to wear support garments that support their buttocks. Patients can also contact their clinic for questions about the post-surgical process.