7 Things you should consider before Traveling for the surgery

Is surgery safe? Is it painful? How long does it last for? Am I the right one to have it? Is it available in the country? How expensive it is? Do I need to travel to have it? And so many other questions bind around the brain when it comes to surgery and of course,

Most Popular Specialties in Medical Tourism

4 Most Popular Specialties in Medical Tourism

As we all are aware, the trend of medical tourism is taking over the world. People are no longer willing to spend thousands of dollars of medical treatments when they can get the same quality service, from another country or city for far lower rates.

In this trend of medical tourism, Cancun is perhaps the most popular city,

Bariatric Surgery in Yucatan

Bariatric Surgery in Yucatan

Are you struggling with weight loss? You may have already tried every diet and exercise plan imaginable.

For patients struggling with obesity, bariatric surgery combined with diet and exercise can offer incredible results. Bariatric surgery is an umbrella term for various weight loss surgical procedures which either involve restricting the gastric space or make anatomical changes to the gastrointestinal tract to effect malabsorption of nutrients or a combination of the two.

Bariatric Surgery Mexico

Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

Obesity is the main setback for so many people throughout the world. Since traditional attempts at weight loss have not resulted in long-term success, many people struggling with obesity has seen bariatric surgery as the perfect decision. To start, bariatric surgery provides drastic weight loss in a short period of time.

This enables positive habits to begin and sustain long-term to ensure a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Bariatric Surgery – Gastric Sleeve Testimonial from Alaska, USA

Bariatric Surgery – Gastric Sleeve Testimonial from Alaska, USA

This is Natalie Bale and I just wanted to write a short note about the care I received from Christine Guido, before and after my surgery on 11/21/14. I found her to be very kind, caring and extremely professional at all times. I had no doubt that she would give me the best information and…