Eyebrow Endoscopic + Blepharoplasty Upper + Lower

Eyebrow Endoscopic + Blepharoplasty Upper + Lower & Full Face Lift + Neck Lift. Washington, USA.

I have great respect for Dr. Arturo Valdez, and all of the nurses that assisted me, their attention to detail and professionalism was surpassed by none. They were always pleasant, which I think could prove very difficult under such stressful situations.

The personnel at the Hospital PlayaMed were very kind and considerate; in my hospital experiences,

Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL

Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL. Edmonton, AB

I had my surgery Nov 14, I had the tummy tuck with lipo, and the team made it a great experience!

Everything went smoothly and I am so impressed with the level of service I have received, Dr. Valdez is amazing! Not only does he do fantastic work but he ensures you are comfortable I always felt safe and he explained everything.

Sarah Berube 1

Breast Augmentation + Secondary Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Vaser Liposuction + BBL from CA

Name: Sarah Berube

I came to Cancun to have a “mommy makeover” which included breast implants a revision on a tummy tuck and Lipo with fat transfer (BBL)

From the very first contact I had with Caroline to Kary answering all my questions + setting up my itinerary, to getting around to all my appointments + surgery,

Testimonial S.L

Face Lift from CA, USA

Name: S.L

My experience with MMV has been excellent!

The staff is very professional, kind, and caring and took very good care of me, from scheduling all appointments to the physical aftercare to pick up and return to the airport, I was taken care of! You only have to let them do their jobs,

Gina Catania

Liposuction + Skin contraction using Vaser + Dental Crown from CA, USA

Name: Gina Catania

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with My Medical Vacations and the superior service and excellent care they provide. Ana, Marlen, Andres, and Kary are consistently there for me with every question or need I have.

The procedure I had this time, liposuction was performed by Dr.

Testimonial C.H.S

Full Face Lift from CA, USA

This was my first procedure and surgery ever!

I was very scared, nervous and confused, I came to Cancun with two friends who had experience and they assisted me. The care was phenomenally and total complete.

We were on time 100% no stress and everything was planned.

They have an excellent team with tremendous communication,

Trista Lush

Extended Tummy Tuck from AB ,CAN

Name: Trista Lush

I can´t say enough nice things about the team at MMV, from the very first contact with Alejandra, I was always spoken to with such respect and she answered all of my questions. The entire team worked extremely hard to ensure I was taken care of, from organizing all my required appointments to the daily care of needs during recovery.