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Breast Reduction (Scarless Technique) – Patient from Canada Testimonial

To all concerned:

My experience with My Medical Vacations were very good and satisfying. They were very prompt and quick with their services. Everything that we talked about and agreed upon was done. The staff was a joy to work with. Dr. Valdez was excellent. His manner was professional but warm and he was attentive and listened well.

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Breast Implant Illness – Testimonial from Kentucky USA

I can’t say enough about how pleasant my experience was with My Medical Vacations I’m writing this testimonial because I have many things to come to grips with. I have suffered from Breast Implant Illness for years, only to have doctors in America discourage me and my health, and the insurance company failed me. I may not be the typical patient who has come for aesthetic reasons,

Eyebrow Endoscopic + Blepharoplasty Upper + Lower

Eyebrow Endoscopic + Blepharoplasty Upper + Lower & Full Face Lift + Neck Lift. Washington, USA.

I have great respect for Dr. Arturo Valdez, and all of the nurses that assisted me, their attention to detail and professionalism was surpassed by none. They were always pleasant, which I think could prove very difficult under such stressful situations.

The personnel at the Hospital PlayaMed were very kind and considerate; in my hospital experiences,

Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL

Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL. Edmonton, AB

I had my surgery Nov 14, I had the tummy tuck with lipo, and the team made it a great experience!

Everything went smoothly and I am so impressed with the level of service I have received, Dr. Valdez is amazing! Not only does he do fantastic work but he ensures you are comfortable I always felt safe and he explained everything.