daniela alicea


Dear staff at My Medical Vacations,

Thank you for an amazing experience, from the begging with the phone call with Flor, and my consultation until the very last moment everything has been what I expect. I am so happy I decided to have Dr. Arturo Valdez Do my surgery.


june mchenry


My experience with My Medical Vacation facilitation of my cosmetic surgery has been very positive.

During my initial contacts, Andres and the staff were very professional and thorough. They promptly provided the information I requested. All my questions were answered completely. The procedure was scheduled to meet my time requirements. Although I had a little confusion regarding the payment process,

Ane Schou 1


I am a 44-year-old female from Texas not fluent in Español. I was looking to achieve more balance in my features; I spoke over a couple of weeks with Carolina Bandera and submitted pictures, and decided on cheek implants a lip lift, and a chin implant.

I flew alone to Cancun. I was a bit nervous with some language barriers and going into surgery.

Freed Roger 2

Orthopedic Procedure, USA.

Having spent a considerable amount of time searching for a surgeon that could remove a troublesome plate from my leg in Wyoming, Idaho and Northern Arizona and having found that there was a labyrinth of people I had to contact and connections that I would have to make unaided I got quite frustrated with the American system of so-called ‘Health Care’.

Tracey Levesque

Vaser Max Liposuction + BBL + Tummy Tuck Correction, USA

This is my second trip here to Cancun for surgery; I have 100% confidence in the team at My Medical Vacations Cancun.

I am a person that always has a million questions; I absolutely need to be prepared for every detail, Betty always had answers for me light away. I wasn’t dilling Betty was dilling Andres they were always thorough,

Amy Reed 2

Full Body Liposuction + Breast Implants + Breast Lift + Extended Tummy Tuck, USA

Words can not express how happy I am that I decided to use My Medical Vacations to have my mommy makeover. I am an RN in the U.S and I had a bad experience with SonoBello in Orlando so I was very cautious about another procedure. This was also the 1st major surgery I ever had and I was nervous about general anesthesia.