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Mini Face Lift and Tummy Tuck Testimonial from Denver Colorado

Thank you to My Medical Vacations!

It was a bit scary coming to Mexico all alone for two procedures- Face lift + Tummy tuck. However the staff was here for me every step of the way. From airport transfers, to medical appointments, to prompt communication- they were here! They responded to every text-usually within seconds they answers my questions and even hold my hand.

Full Body Liposuction+ Bichat Removal from California

Procedure: Full Body Liposuction+ Bichat Removal

I am from California, came to Cancun for Full Body Liposuction.

Dr. Valdez has performed full body liposuction surgery for me and I have been highly satisfied with his work. Communication with Betty and Ana was so smooth an easy. I am very satisfied with my whole process of Full Body liposuction and would recommend this great experience.

Breast lift implant removal

Breast Lift and Implant Removal (Total Capsulectomy) Testimonial from North Carolina, USA

“…There is nothing more I could have asked for out of this experience – it far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Dr. Valdez and MMV to anyone, without reservation…”

When we came to Cancun for my explant and mastopexy surgery with Dr. Valdez, I was very confident that the surgery would go well and the daily nursing visits would keep me on the road to recovery.

Full Face Lift + Breast Lift with Implants Replacement from Kathryn Wickham

The team that were at my beckoning right from my arrival in Cancun, to my departure; Andres, who set up my two surgeries, accommodations, Betty, who answered all my questions, concerns, picked me up and took me to appointments, was in constant contact making sure I was doing well, Anna, my nurse who dedicated herself to my care 24/7- just a phone call or text away!

Testimonial Anne Brown

Breast Reduction and Extended Tummy Tuck Testimonial from Texas, USA

I had done a lot of research on having breast reduction surgery, so I knew a lot about what to expect.   I have been thinking about a breast reduction for over 20 years.  All my research and visits in the U.S only showed me that the procedure was costly and not covered by my medical insurance.

Breast Lift + Breast Implant + Full Body Lipo from Victoria, BC. Canada

What is the deciding factor that motivates you to fly away from your home for surgery in Cancún? Away from your bed, your pets and in my case the people I care about the most in the world. In most cases it is the excessive cost of plastic surgery in Canada. In my case part of my surgery was to be covered by our government,

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Breast Augmentation Testimonial from Alberta Canada.

My experience with My Medical Vacation was a very good one. I’m from Alberta, Canada and had been thinking about a breast augmentation for quite some time after I had 2 children fairly close together in my late 30’s. I have gone at many consultations in Alberta and was very quite impressed enough with the doctor I met and researched to set a date.