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Breast Implant Illness – Testimonial from Kentucky USA

I can’t say enough about how pleasant my experience was with My Medical Vacations I’m writing this testimonial because I have many things to come to grips with. I have suffered from Breast Implant Illness for years, only to have doctors in America discourage me and my health, and the insurance company failed me. I may not be the typical patient who has come for aesthetic reasons,

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Mommy Makeover (Breast Lift + Breast Implant + Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + BBL), PA – USA

From the day, I showed intention in getting a Mommy Makeover I was contacted by My Medical Vacations with a friendly email going over the details of the procedure and the contact information

The phone calls and emails that we received after this were informative and friendly. They were able to answer any question that I had w to the procedures and professionalism of their staff.

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Breast Lift + Breast Implants + Full Body Liposuction + Extended Tummy Tuck, NS – Canada

Traveling to another country for surgery is a big decision and can be overwhelming; the team at My Medical Vacations did a really great job at making sure I had all the information I needed to make the best decision for me.

They were all super responsive to my text and emails and were great at anticipating my needs,

Amy Reed 2

Full Body Liposuction + Breast Implants + Breast Lift + Extended Tummy Tuck, USA

Words can not express how happy I am that I decided to use My Medical Vacations to have my mommy makeover. I am an RN in the U.S and I had a bad experience with SonoBello in Orlando so I was very cautious about another procedure. This was also the 1st major surgery I ever had and I was nervous about general anesthesia.

Shannon Travis

Max Liposuction + Extended Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Breast Implants, WA, USA

My name is Shannon Travis, in august of 2019, I had a gastric sleeve done, and I had shed 110 lbs and I was thinking of cosmetic surgery. Just so happens a costume come in and I couldn’t help but comment on how great she worked (told me she has 5 kids) She then told me about Dr.

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Extended Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction + Breast Implant + Breast Lift

This has been my third surgery with Dr. Valdez, Andres and the team over a 10-year period. I choose always come back as the trust and standard of care is second to none. I travelled back to Cancun for TT revision, breast lift and breast implant replacement in December 2021. The standard of care has always been consistant and each time I have put my trust into the team I have never been disappointed.

Jennifer Carol Sarina

Breast Implants Exchange + Breast Lift + Capsulectomy, Florida, USA

This is my 3rd trip to Cancun for surgery and I brought my 3 friends with me this time.

We had such an amazing experience; the staff at My Medical Vacations have all been amazing they take such great care of you! They fully exceeded our expectations we always felt safe.

We stayed at the Care Home and love it!

Paulette Burnell

Breast Lift + Ext tummy tuck, Saskatchewan, Canada

My Medical Vacation Cancun Mexico November 2021

After a lot of research, I reached out to My Medical Vacations for information. I received prompt contact and was given instructions on what photos they required in order to give me a proper quote and i was reassured that these photos would go no further than to Dr Valdez.

Krisha Hilo

Breast Lift +Max Lipo + Ext. Tummy Tuck +BBA, IL, USA

I would like to say Thank you so much to Dr. Arturo Valdez and the incredible staff and team of My Medical Vacations! From the minute I arrive in Cancun, I already felt like home. Valeria is so very accommodating and makes sure the home is always clean. Ana my nurse is so very friendly and kind hearted,