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Extended Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction + Breast Implant + Breast Lift

This has been my third surgery with Dr. Valdez, Andres and the team over a 10-year period. I choose always come back as the trust and standard of care is second to none. I travelled back to Cancun for TT revision, breast lift and breast implant replacement in December 2021. The standard of care has always been consistant and each time I have put my trust into the team I have never been disappointed.

Krisha Hilo

Breast Lift +Max Lipo + Ext. Tummy Tuck +BBA, IL, USA

I would like to say Thank you so much to Dr. Arturo Valdez and the incredible staff and team of My Medical Vacations! From the minute I arrive in Cancun, I already felt like home. Valeria is so very accommodating and makes sure the home is always clean. Ana my nurse is so very friendly and kind hearted,