Shannon Travis

Max Liposuction + Extended Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Breast Implants, WA, USA

My name is Shannon Travis, in august of 2019, I had a gastric sleeve done, and I had shed 110 lbs and I was thinking of cosmetic surgery. Just so happens a costume come in and I couldn’t help but comment on how great she worked (told me she has 5 kids) She then told me about Dr.

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Extended Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction + Breast Implant + Breast Lift

This has been my third surgery with Dr. Valdez, Andres and the team over a 10-year period. I choose always come back as the trust and standard of care is second to none. I travelled back to Cancun for TT revision, breast lift and breast implant replacement in December 2021. The standard of care has always been consistant and each time I have put my trust into the team I have never been disappointed.

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Safe Lipo 360 with Vaser + Soft definition + BBL, Toronto, Canada

Thank you to the MMV team for the terrific and personal service!

Especially Dr. Valdez, Betty and Ana for taking such good care of me and my partner this past 10 days. Your exceptional care erased our anxieties about having the procedure abroad and made us feel at home.

The pre/post care was super and were exited to star seeing the results of the 360 Lipo/BBL and with it improve over time.

Joey Jeffrey

Safe Lipo 360 with Vaser, Toronto, Canada

Our experience with My Medical Vacations was exceptional! A big thank you to Betty, Dr. Valdez and his team; and Ana our personal nurse looked after us so well.

Betty, we appreciate all the questions and phone call we directed your way, you were always so positive, reassuring and provides quick responses. Thank you for looking after and for your regulars check ins.

Jennifer Carol Sarina

Breast Implants Exchange + Breast Lift + Capsulectomy, Florida, USA

This is my 3rd trip to Cancun for surgery and I brought my 3 friends with me this time.

We had such an amazing experience; the staff at My Medical Vacations have all been amazing they take such great care of you! They fully exceeded our expectations we always felt safe.

We stayed at the Care Home and love it!

Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast implants removal in Cancun

Breast augmentation with implants looks exceptionally enchanting but you may hit a point here the implants should be removed. There are countless reasons for doing this ranging from medical to aesthetic. We will be discussing the reason afterwards.

Breast implants removal surgery is the surgery performed to remove the implants. You should have a proper discussion with your plastic surgeon before getting into the surgery.