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If you are considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend you explore the Medical Vacations program. After doing extensive research on various programs, I chose Medical Vacations specifically due to the high reviews Dr. Valdez received, and the quality of care/follow-up included in the package.  I was not disappointed.

Dr. Valdez looked at my specific goals and situation with great attention,

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Ext. TT + Breast lift+ implants and liposuction

My experiences with MMV mas wonderful! At the first, I was very apprehensive on getting any type of medical procedure done outside of the USA let alone a full Mommy Makeover (tummy tuck, lipo, breast implants, and breast lift)

The more research I did on MMV I began to lend more comfortable, reading all the reviews and research on Dr.

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Tummy Tuck Diet Tips for Best Results Post the Surgery

Tummy Tuck Diet Tips for Best Results Post the Surgery

Whether you want to feel good or flaunt your beach body, a tummy tuck is appropriate. Who doesn’t love a flat, tight tummy? Sometimes exercising alone isn’t effective when it comes to getting rid of the extra fat around your midsection. A tummy tuck is a simple procedure that takes care of the problem.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When it Comes to Your Diet Post a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck surgery is an easy way to get a beach ready body. There are various reasons why you may consider a tummy tuck, such as post pregnancy weight or being left with excess skin around the midsection after shedding quite a few of pounds. Whatever may be your reason, know that tummy tuck surgery in Vancouver is the among the best!

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Face-lift, MO, USA

I would like to thank all the staff that helped with my medical vacations. I could not say enough wonderful things about them.

Betty and Anna took me to all my appointment went one of their way to explain everything to me and assure all my needs where met.

Dr. Valdez is amazing he not just and amazing surgeon he talk about every aspect of your health,