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Orthopedic Procedure (Plate and screws removal) Testimonial from Arizona, USA

Having spent a considerable amount of time searching for a surgeon that could remove a troublesome plate from my leg in Wyoming, Idaho and Northern Arizona and having found that there was a labyrinth of people I had to contact and connections that I would have to make unaided I got quite frustrated with the American system of so-called ‘Health Care’.


7 Things you should consider before Traveling for the surgery

Is surgery safe? Is it painful? How long does it last for? Am I the right one to have it? Is it available in the country? How expensive it is? Do I need to travel to have it? And so many other questions bind around the brain when it comes to surgery and of course,

Most Popular Specialties in Medical Tourism

4 Most Popular Specialties in Medical Tourism

As we all are aware, the trend of medical tourism is taking over the world. People are no longer willing to spend thousands of dollars of medical treatments when they can get the same quality service, from another country or city for far lower rates.

In this trend of medical tourism, Cancun is perhaps the most popular city,

Orthopedics Medical Tourism Cancun

Orthopedics and Medical Tourism in Cancun

Are you considering a medical travel and an orthopedic procedure? Medical tourism is the act of seeking out low-cost first-class healthcare outside one’s; home country, often while recuperating in beautiful surrounding, like Cancun.

Since Cancun was built specially to attract tourists, medical tourism is a major industry. Medical tourism in Cancun has provided an avenue for tourists fed up with the high costs of healthcare services to travel cross-border and visit exotic destinations to reduce medical costs and wait times.

Orthopedic surgery in Cancun

Why having an Orthopedic Surgery in Cancun

Are you having a knee, hip or shoulder pain? You need surgery as soon as possible but cannot afford the high costs or the long waiting time? Orthopedic surgery is usually a non-selective surgery. Orthopedic surgery in Cancun includes a wide range of procedures that are done to repair, reshape, or replace damaged or diseased parts of hip,

Hip Replacement Surgery In Cancun

Hip Replacement Surgery in Cancun

Are you considering having a hip replacement in Mexico?

Is your medications changing in your everyday activities, and the use of walking supports do not adequately help your symptoms?

Providing patients and travelers all over the world peace of mind, appreciated savings, and top notch technology and training, Mexico is an ultimate medical tourism destination in Latin America.

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Mexico

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Mexico

Have you ever imagined that your next vacation in exotic Latin America may include an orthopedic surgery? Mexico has become a prime destination if you are looking to undergo an orthopedic surgery. Having orthopedic surgery in Mexico can bring many questions for those who know very little about the quality of healthcare in Mexico.  As a patients,

High level orthopedic surgery

High Level of Orthopedic Surgery in Mérida, México

Mexico has since opened its entrances extensively to medical travelers all over the world. Mexico has over 98 hospitals endorsed by the country’s Federal Health Ministry and 7 hospitals which are JCI-accredited. Mexico is the most prevalent country for advanced care in dentistry and orthopedic surgery. Merida is one of the paramount city in Mexico when it comes to medical tourism.