Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the standard terms and conditions section of the website provided by My Medical Vacations. The terms and conditions provided by us in the website state the proper use of the website as well as the information and any other content that is available on the website. You are requested to please read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly before you begin using the website. We reserve the rights to change any policies on the website as well as the Terms & Conditions without prior notice. If you continue to use the website after the changes have taken effect it will be considered that you have accepted the newly amended Terms & Conditions.

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The Description of Service

My Medical Vacations is a medical tourism service agency operating in Mexico and specializes in recuperation packages and medical treatments for destinations that are outside the United States. We research and gather authentic information to inform users about possible medical treatments and recuperation packages so that they can make better informed decisions regarding medical treatments outside of the United States.


You have agreed to indemnify, hold and defend My Medical Vacations and all our affiliates, which includes our respective directors, members, officers, agents, employees, attorneys, representatives, assigns and successors from any claims, damages, liabilities, proceedings, losses, expenses and costs, which are related to or arise from the following:

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