Penis enhancement surgery


Penile Lengthening

penis lengthening for men

Many men are self-conscious and embarrassed about the length of their penis. For an average man, a longer penis length correlates directly to an improved self-esteemed and in turn…

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Girth Enhancement

girth enhancement men

In recent years, there has been a need to perform less risky and invasive methods to improve girth of the penis. This has helped steer researchers to provide…

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Lengthening and Enhancement

lengthening and enhancement pennis

Penile lengthening surgery is performed under general anesthetics. Summarily, a patient’s internal part of his penis is released by the division of the ligament…

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 Supra Pubic Liposculpture

pubic liposculpture for men

In some patients, there are evident and an abundant amount of supra-pubic adipose panniculus, this can exceed the dermal insertion of the penis, leading to the penis visually looking shorter…

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