Krisha Hilo

Breast Lift +Max Lipo + Ext. Tummy Tuck +BBA, IL, USA

I would like to say Thank you so much to Dr. Arturo Valdez and the incredible staff and team of My Medical Vacations! From the minute I arrive in Cancun, I already felt like home. Valeria is so very accommodating and makes sure the home is always clean. Ana my nurse is so very friendly and kind hearted, she took me to all my appointments give me recommendations where to eat, buy my groceries and she come to me when I need the assistance after surgery. Thank you so much Ana!

I worked with David and Betty since back in Chicago, once putting faces to their voices I was so very happy with the care, professionalism and timelier, they kept with me from the minute we came in contact to my day of arrival.

Dr. Valdez is an AMAZING surgeon! I am so very with my results so far. It is so precise with his work and it shows! Any doubt or any recommendation I took to heart because at the end of the day Dr. Valdez took my health as his #1  priority

Thank you so much My Medical Vacations

Dr. Arturo Valdez <3

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