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VASER Liposuction in CANCUN

You work out daily, stick to the diet properly and do every possible step to make your body perfect. You successfully lose weight, feel healthy and active. But still, whenever you see yourself, there are some parts of your body that do not look how you want them to look. Then VASER Liposuction is the answer you are looking for and CANCUN is the best place for VASER Liposuction because of its best hospitals, experienced surgeons at half of the price then others and much more.

All about VASER Liposuction

VASER Liposuction is a procedure in which extra fats are removed from your body by liquefying the fats first. This is the more effective and less manipulative way of removing fat then traditional liposuction. In this process, small incisions are given on the skin under anesthesia. An ultrasound probe is inserted under your skin and it breaks the fatty tissue, which makes the liposuction work more effectively.

Liposuction can be done on following body parts:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Back

Note: VASER liposuction is not a procedure of weight loss, it only helps people to improve the contours of your body.

Time involved in surgery: It takes 2-5 hours to complete and overnight stay in the hospital. Total Recovery time may take up to 1 month meanwhile you can perform daily chores within 1 week or more in case of more extensive procedure.

Recovery from operation: During post-operative recovery, the patient should:

  • Wear a compression garment, which promotes healing rapidly, and ensures that skin retraction proceeds as well as possible.
  • Stop strenuous exercise and perform light exercise like walking. It can help to promote healing.

COMPLICATION: As you know, every surgery has some risk factors

  • burns from equipment, such as ultrasound probes.
    • nerve damage.
    • blood clot in the lungs.
    • fat clots.
    • infections.
    • bleeding under the skin.
    • scars.
    • changes in skin sensation and feeling.

Why chose Cancun for VASER Liposuction

Cancun is becoming the Eden for medical tourism. This is due to the gold standard hospitals, surgical centers and dental clinics. Latest technologies and procedures are practiced here . Moreover, Cancun is close to home and offers extraordinary all- designed packages for every budget.


Cancun is the place where you can get the highly specialized and cutting-edge technology best facilities at less than half of the price then other countries.

Cancun is known for its affordability and you know “in the end it’s all about money”

                       Liposuction IN CANCUN IS US$ 2500 – 5000

                       Liposuction IN CANADA AND US IS US$ 8,000-10,000


In case of any mishap, there is an emergency department for all ready-to-use instruments and highly specialized staff to prevent any further damage to patients.


Before operation preparation of patients, all vitals are monitored and all baseline investigations are done to ensure successful operation and prevent any mishap. Post operative pain management and rehabilitation of the patients.


Highly trained nurses and technicians are very polite and cooperative to help you go through your surgery and recover quickly.


Help you heal quickly by increasing blood flow throughout your body.

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