Hosiyahna Thorn

Lipo Vaser, USA, TX

From the beginning to end, my experience with My Medical vacations has been nothing short of ideal. This team goes beyond to ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and easy. Going to another country for a medical procedure is always a pretty scary thing, especially since I didn’t have any family or friends to accompany me.

This team took all of my worry and stress away, every was always perfectly explained on time and professional Betty and Andres answered all of my questions and concerns promptly before I even arrive in Cancun.

Ana Lopez is extremely self-less and was there for me whenever I needed her, She even offered to take me to the beach a couple days before my surgery.

Dr. Valdez is of course amazing, he is an artist and answered all of my questions no matter how small. I haven’t had to stress aver anything my only regret is that I didn’t know about this team sooner!

I am more that happy with my result I know that, I will only be happier with my body as time progress.

I cannot thank Betty, Andres, Ana enough for their support, dedication and hard work, and of course Dr. Valdez for giving me so much more confidence.

Hosiyahna Thor Testimonial. page 0001
Hosiyahna Thor Testimonial. page 0001