Robet Emerson

Dental Treatment, USA

Medical Vacations and Dr. Shtern’s team.

I am going to be brief or this would be 5 pages long because my satisfaction is that complete with my 10 day dental visit.Betty, Carolina and Ana are like my nieces now.  They drove me everywhere and cared for me like I was their Dad or Tio. They often just called or texted just to check on me!  Fetched my medication and even had my laundry done for me when I extend my stay!  

Professional-caring-kind-thorough-communicative-patient: the list is endless.  Everyone speaks great English but they helped me with my substandard Spanish.

The Dentists

The entire staff was so warm and professional I looked forward to some of it!  Not all but some of it!   It is dental work after all.  Beautiful and very clean office.  One of the best medical practices I’ve ever been to.  As good as the US?  No.  It is better.  Way better.

All three of the dentist were extremely considerate of my comfort, pain control (non-existent in the US now!).  Very good at what they do best.  Each had a sub-speciality and I will comment of each below but I was treated like a family member or a patient of 20 years.

Dr. Mark Shtern

It is his office/practice.  He pulled teeth and did some surgery.  He came up with the overall treatment plan and briefed everyone that local anesthetic wore off 3 times as fast with me.  Since I spent several hours over several days in the dentist chair, he made sure I had a med to relax me.  That made all the difference because I am an “uptight” guy so I relaxed and they did need the “jaws of life” to get my mouth open.  Pain was minimal and I never felt drugged.  He and the others are very skilled with that.  Great guy.  He speaks perfect English, Spanish….AND Hebrew as well as Russian.  On top of being a great dentist!  Sharp man.

Dr. Omar Lugo

Never had a root canal and he did 4!  The microscopic equipment he has I did not know existed.  Totally impressed with this young man.  He saved a tooth that we thought would have to be pulled. I even watched him work on a TV screen.  While not the funniest thing I have ever done it was 1/4 of what I anticipated.  Side note he’s a committed humanitarian with kids and animals.  We are kindred spirits with that and I plan to help him with his charity service to kids in need.  

Dr. Andrea Revilla

She was in charge of fillings, bridge and cleaning.  I spent the most time with her. Of all these women, she reminds me of my daughter the most.  Very intelligent, skilled and like my daughter kindly, respectfully and sternly admonished me about taking better care of my teeth!  A few times actually and I was convinced she cared about me and her work.


Dr. Shtern’s sweet dog who is in charge of greeting everyone and making us relax.  There was no charge for his therapy but I really appreciated him.  


What I spent including airfare and all services including food was less that half of what I would have spent in the US and a fraction of the time and frustration.  I would never do it another way.  These are my new Dentists.  

I have been looking for a place to semi retire that is affordable, friendly and warm.  Having been in and out of Mexico as a pilot as well as most of the Caribbean and some of Central America I have chosen to relocate to Cancun.  A huge factor in my decision is my new Dentists are there and my kind three new nieces mentioned above.  I am that happy and will gladly speak to anyone who has questions or needs reassurance.

My great thanks to all mentioned here and all who help them.

Robert Emerson

US Citizen

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