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Breast Implant Illness – Testimonial from Kentucky USA

I can’t say enough about how pleasant my experience was with My Medical Vacations I’m writing this testimonial because I have many things to come to grips with. I have suffered from Breast Implant Illness for years, only to have doctors in America discourage me and my health, and the insurance company failed me. I may not be the typical patient who has come for aesthetic reasons, but to save my health. I have a new body shape that may take some time to get used to, but I am forever grateful that I found Dr. Valdez and My Medical Vacations, Kary, my nurses, Marlen and Ana. They have all been so incredibly kind & helpful. I am now on the other side of something that has plagued me  I would recommend them to anyone interested in a cosmetic procedure and will hopefully be able to return to their caring hands for something “just for me” in the future!!!