Post Bariatric Surgery Testimonial from Ottawa, Canada (2nd visit)

Post Bariatric Surgery Testimonial from Ottawa, Canada (2nd visit)

Arm lift

Chin Lift


Breast  Lift with Implants

So, back again after a great surgical and overall experience in the spring.

This time I had the last 4 procedures I needed to remove, lift and tighten loose skin from bariatric weight loss (230-40 pounds).

Things changed a bit from original bookings, Suddenly a new surgeon and my surgery was pushed back 1 day. Andres himself (while on vacations) called me to tell me why the surgeon changed, the backgrounds of my new surgeon etc. and asked if I was ok with that: It was all done very professionally.

Once here, Betty and Katie were waiting for me and then picked up my family.

Lab work, consults, hotel check in, everything was smooth ok. Day went well and since I had a full day between arrival and surgery, my family (2 people) and I  were taken wherever we wanted to go.

Anna my nurse is still studying English but gets on extremely well. She is caring and hard working as is Betty and the others in the office. Super care as is the norm.

Heather Roper

(Reg. Nurse – OR nurse)

Ottawa, Canada

“…It was all done very professionally”


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