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Breast Augmentation + Secondary Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Vaser Liposuction + BBL from CA

Name: Sarah Berube

I came to Cancun to have a “mommy makeover” which included breast implants a revision on a tummy tuck and Lipo with fat transfer (BBL)

From the very first contact I had with Caroline to Kary answering all my questions + setting up my itinerary, to getting around to all my appointments + surgery, everything was seemless.

I had surgery with Dr. Valdez, who was very kind and informative; I am only a week out and pleased with my results so far.

Marlen stayed the night with me in the hospital the first night after the surgery and took good care of me, Ana came to check on me + help me every day. Both nurses took me around to various appointments; they were both knowledgeable, caring, and understanding.

I also did IV therapy and hyperbaric chamber therapy while I was there. I feel like it has already helped me in my healing process.

I had a cook; Gabby came into my suite every day and make me delicious healthy home-cooked meals.

Everything went smoothly and I’m so greatful to everyone at My Medical Vacations for making it all happen.

Sarah Berube


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Sarah Berube T1