In my process in searching for the best plastic surgeon in Cancun, I found ww.mymedicalvacation.com,
emailed them and that same day heard back from Alex. She is the administrator and took care of
everything leading up to the surgery.. it made me feel very secure that mymedicalvacations uses only
use the best medical personnel. Upon arrival, we met Betty. Wasn’t sure what her job title was but she
did absolutely everything that was put in front of her without hesitation. She did so many things
above and beyond I thought, Betty has become like family to us. She was there day and night if needed,
she gave us her personal number and stressed the fact that she would always be available for any questions
big or small. Such a huge help and wonderful human. Not to leave out Paco and Anna, they were key in
the success of our healing process too. Dr. Samano was an amazing choice, very warm and friendly and was
very detailed on all parts of surgery and recovery. I would definitely recommend him over and over again. I
felt extremely secure and confident with Dr. Samano and his staff.