Gastric Sleeve in Cancun


30.5% of Americans are suffering from obesity and 64% are suffering from overweight as reported by American Obesity Association. The daily consumption of sugar have caused weight related issues to be on the rise in America and all over the world. Although numerous people have devoted their efforts to combating these weight issues by dieting and excercising, the result is not encouraging which makes for the option of gastric sleeve surgery also known as sleeve gastrectomy.

Sleeve gastrectomy is the surgical process carried out on people with obesity health issues which helps to limit food intake by removing some hormones that cause hunger in the stomach. Thus leaving them with a banana shaped pocket inside their stomach. This will greatly help in reduction of food consumption and result to drastic weight loss and increased health status.

Sleeve gastrectomy in America can cost more than an average man’s savings because of the expensive medical status quo in America. Also, most of the gastric sleeve surgery conducted in America don’t last long because patients end up regaining the weights they just lost which is why an alternative of Cancun, Mexico has been brought to notice. Sleeve gastrectomy in Cancun, Mexico will cost more than 50% less of the price it is done in America. In Cancun, there are specialist who have been trained and gained experience from all over the world but are still dedicated to giving you a good health and are not just after your money.

Asides from having your surgery in Cancun, Mexico offers you a lot for your medical trip like paying extra attention to your health while you are under our care, making flight reservations and hotel accomodation not far from the facility where you will be getting your treatment, picking you up from and airport to your hotel and to the facility. The atmosphere of the weather in Cancun is also refreshing and welcoming, very different from the industrial atmosphere in America. You can spend extra days after your surgery just enjoying the nature and landscape of Cancun, Mexico.