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Intraocular Lens – WA, USA

04 April, 2023

Not wanting to wait ten years or more before my eyesight would have deteriorated enough to have cataract surgery prescribed, and wanting to minimize my dependence on glasses, I decided to look for an alternative to State-side options. I chose to go with My Medical Vacations.

Although it seems that most of the medical procedures are for other treatments, I found out that MMV did work with a surgeon that performed the IOL (intraocular lens) procedure (called RLE for refractive lens exchange in the States).

I have to admit that I felt a little uneasy trying to research and then setup the procedure from so far away. But Andres and Kary were able to answer my questions, via either email or also telephone appointment. I forwarded the information that they requested for the surgeon, Dr. Mario Riquelme, and after completing the plans, we arranged the dates for my visit and surgery.

I have been completely satisfied with the support and care that I have received from MMV and the staff I have worked with since my arrival. It was great to meet with Andres in person and to get some information about the his and the company’s background. He found a niche and is providing a valuable service to the folks who travel to Cancun to have their procedures done. Ana and Kary have been great and attentive in getting me back and forth to my various appointments and rounding up my prescriptions and bringing them to the Medbnb, where I am staying. It’s a huge help having someone here who knows the medical personnel at the various clinics and who can translate.

I booked the Medbnb through My Medical Vacations and found it to be very comfortable. It is close to shopping (walking distance to Walmart and US-based and Mexican restaurants) and even about a mile away from the Plaza Las Americas, a very modern and large shopping mall. Had I not been able to walk, an Uber would have been also available.

As I write this, my eyes are still recuperating from my procedure. As it turned out, Dr. Riquelme presented me with a different option than I had been made aware of while planning from the States, and this option should allow me to drive at night without the danger of developing the halos that sometimes develop around the headlights of other cars. It looks like I’ll have to wait for a few weeks to see how things turn out, but I am optimistic that I’ll not only be able to see better, but that I will never need cataract surgery. Still, glasses are still in my future, at least partly, due to the prisms that I have that make me see double in the distance.

If I need any other elective procedures done, I will definitely reach out to My Medical Vacations without hesitation. Should anyone want any other information, please feel free to ask MMV for my email address and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Dave Mauk

Dave Mauk
Dave Mauk