IVF Treatment Testimonial from New York, USA

To My Medical Vacation,

First of all I must say, my hat is off to the beautiful people in Cancun. I went to Cancun  without my wife for a day and was picked up by Betty from My Medical Vacations exactly in the location she said she would be in. I must say, a true profesional, intelligent, energetic and makes people feel like a family member. The entire ride I was thinking how much my wife would love her. On the second trip to Cancun, my wife and mother Inlaw went over. My wife and mother-In-law loved her.

Betty was very accommodating, she was aware of my wife’s appointments, she would always be at least 30 minutes early to pick us up. Betty also spoke perfect English and Spanish. We can’t say enough of her. That’s the plain truth!

We miss you Betti and Cancun! 🙂
Francisco Hernandez