Mexico City as a destination for Medical Tourism

In recent times, Mexico City has become a huge and the most preferred medical tourism destination for most U.S. and Canadian citizens. The reason for this huge shift is because most procedures done in Mexico City are cheaper and are professionally done. Aside this factors is also the warm weather, low travel cost and friendly people Mexico boasts of which has made these reasons a decisive factor for the exponential increase in medical terrorism in Mexico.


Mexico City was initially famous for its well done, professional cosmetic surgeries and dentistry, however, at the moment it is known for its top-notch weight loss surgeries, dentistry, cosmetics and orthopedic surgeries. And as an added advantage, standard wise, they are at par with those done in the United States and Canada. Other not so popular procedures include; eye surgery, hip replacement surgeries, organ surgery and fertility treatments.


Mexico City: the medical tourist attraction

Just last year alone, Mexico City received and served over one million medical tourists. Procedures they came for, ranged from nose jobs to penile enlargement, more medically serious procedures as reported by a Mexican publication; Reportur. In the United States and Canada alone, citizens have made Mexico a popular destination for medical procedures, hence the high earnings made in 2016; increasing from about $ 600 million in 2006, to over $5 billion in 2016.

Why you should seek medical tourism in Mexico?
As earlier said and due to reasons listed, most patients indulging in Mexican medical tourism are Americans and Canadians they get the same treatment as their home country which was cheaper and more convenient.


Medical tourists can get high level care in different types of surgeries, and dental procedures and this can be easily done at internationally known hospitals. According to hospital ranking systems. Mexico City has three internationally recognized hospitals; Hospital Angeles, Hospital Espagnol and Medica Sur. These hospitals provide the same care a U.S or Canadian hospital would; they are well equipped with modern facilities.

Mexican medical and nursing personnel are well trained according to world medical standards and have been exposed to the latest procedures and technologies in medicine. They are well informed in surgical and specialty procedure not to forget prevention procedures as well.

In conclusion, Mexico City has earned its place as the destination for high quality medical care. If you are worried about the language barrier, that can easily to sorted out as a lot of English speaking facilitators can help smoothen the process of getting medical care in Mexico City.