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Medical History
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Smokers Must Read

My Medical Vacations will not accept patients who smoke. Generally speaking, smokers have poor blood circulation, which is extremely dangerous in terms of the healing process. If you are a smoker, you must completely cease from smoking at least four weeks before surgery or else you are at high risk for getting a necrosis.

According to the American Society of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), a necrosis occurs when, due to poor blood circulation, oxygen is not adequately provided to the traumatized areas post-surgery. This often causes the affected of skin to literally die, turn black and fall off. I know this is very graphic, but many smokers do not take this seriously, and it is a very serious situation. After about one year, the skin regenerates itself, leaving an unsightly scar.

In the past, there have been patients who were smokers who told My Medical Vacations Surgical team they were not. Needless to say, we believe whatever oue patients tell us. Therefore, a misrepresentation regarding smoking puts the patient at great risk. If something should happen to the patient as a result of that misrepresentation, it is extremely disturbing to our team.

Your safety and excellent results are of paramount importance to us. Shouldn’t it be of paramount importance to you, too? It really isn’t worth putting yourself through an unnecessary risk for the sake of plastic surgery, is it? So, smokers beware and understand that you've been forewarned!

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