PET scan in Mexico

Over time, Mexico has become one of the great providers of medical procedures and therapies globally, and PET scan is one of those advanced procedures. There’s no denying that Mexico has turned into a home of thousands of clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries that have been sprawling in the country. The equipment, machinery, and advanced way to the surgical procedures make Mexico a leader in medical tourism. It has everything patients seek in their countries. Every year almost 1.2M patients from other countries visit Mexico to avail themselves of the health benefits with a modern approach for many affordable rates.

Now Mexico has moved forward to offer the best PET scan to the patients. If you are new to the term, let’s explain it a bit.

PET scan in Mexico

PET is short for Positron Emission Tomography. It exploits the small number of radioactive particles called radiopharmaceuticals or radiotracers. It also uses a small camera to identify the function of cells and tissues. It also pictures the unusual growth of the cells or if any microbial growth is taking place within the tissue. This approach with the radio particles determines the changes at the cellular level. PET scan is an imaging test that identifies the onset of disease. The scanner in the machine identifies diseased cells and tissues because they absorb large radiotracers.

The Benefits of PET scan in Mexico

Experts in Cancun uses PET scan to achieve the following benefits:

  • This medical approach identifies and diagnoses the growth of cancer cells.
  • Also determines the area where cancer progression has started.
  • Determines if cancer has spread to the other organs.
  • Also specifies the relapse of the disorder and the growth of carcinogenic agents after the treatment.
  • Also identifies the prognosis
  • Determines the viability of the tissues and mechanism.
  • Identifies the cause of abnormal metabolism in specific body cells.
  • Also determines the damaged areas of the heart and the cause of myocardial infarction.
  • Gives a picture of the healthy and unhealthy organs of the living body for the experts to compare with the healthy ones.
  • The technique is also used for the brain to evaluate memory disorders, tumors, seizures, and other CNS disorders.
  • Experts in Mexico use the approach to detect the progress of cancer, to determine the oxygen intake, normal blood flow, and metabolism of the different cells and tissues in the body.

The Procedure of PET scan in Mexico

Before the scan, our experts give radiotracers either by the gas you inhale, through the glass of drink provided to you, or also through the vein. It may take some hours for the body to absorb tracers. When the radiotracers get absorbed, experts begin to scan. The scan can take 45 minutes or an hour to complete. You’ll undergo a scan, and you’ll be asked to lay on the narrow table connected to the PET machine. The table glides into a machine to begin the scan.

You may be requested to visit multiple times for the scan.

PET scan in Mexico is done under the supervision of professional experts, having years of experience and international certificates to practice. They are highly trained to deliver professional service without delays.