April 25, 2018

Rhinoplasty is something I have considered for a long time; however, I wasn’t willing to pay an arm and a leg for it as it is the case in North America. After doing thorough research I came across My Medical Vacations, to my surprise I did not find one negative review of the company and I have come to realize why. The staff at My Medical Vacations merely is marvelous. They are all so caring, responsive, supportive, and friendly. My nurse, Ana, whom came and checked up on me every day was very kind and caring. Betty, the head patient concierge, is simply a delight to be around. She is so incredibly sweet, affable, knowledgeable, and reliable—I enjoyed my time spent with her. Janin, one of the medical consultants, was also very knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and friendly. She was even kind enough to visit me at my hotel and brought me snacks. Dr. Alejandro Montalvo is the surgeon who worked on my nose. My septum was severely deviated; however, he did such an incredible job. I was blown away! After my cast came off I was told what I was seeing is not the final result due to the swelling which would take months to settle. However, despite the swelling, my nose looked incredible, he did such a fantastic job—a true artist in his own right! I highly recommend him; he is an expert in rhinoplasty. I would go Dr. Alejandro Montalvo over any North American nose surgeon any day.

You hear a lot of horror stories and assumptions about medical facilities abroad being unsanitary and out-of-date; however, this was not the case in Cancun at all. I actually found the hospital to be more sanitary than hospitals in North America. It was pristine, modern, and well-equipped. The staff and doctors were kind and had a breadth of knowledge. Insofar, each time a nurse proceeded with something, she showed me exactly what she was doing and what tools she was using. For example, when drawing blood, I was shown the newly packaged needle, then the nurse showed me her burning and safely disposing of the used needle. Furthermore, you have your own private hospital room, with a private bathroom, air-conditioning, and a T.V with Netflix to relax in before heading into surgery.

Overall, my experience with My Medical Vacations and Dr. Alejandro Montalvo surpassed my expectations. If in the future, if I would like another procedure, I will be contacting them again without a doubt. Thank you all so much!

Kind regards,






Gee Brar