Things you need to know about Hormone Rebalance


Before you opt for the treatment, learn all there is to know about hormones and how they are rebalanced in the body.

What are hormones?

Hormones can simply be explained as the substance responsible for sending messages to different parts of the body for carrying out different functions. Even if their working is altered slightly, they might be responsible for altering the functions related to growth and development, mood, sexual functions, reproduction and metabolism.

Good fats and cholesterol serve as the building blocks of hormones. Absence of these two essential elements could disturb the body’s functioning.

Balance the Hormones Naturally

Here’s how you can balance your body’s hormones naturally:

Get more sleep

This is the key to achieving the appropriate hormonal balance in the body. Sleeping at the wrong times is as bad as not getting proper sleep. Such habits disturb the hormonal balance of your body. This is the reason why people who do not get enough sleep suffer from fatigue all day long, which affects the quality of their life.

Consume less Coffee

Consumption of too much coffee increases the level of cortisol in blood. This disturbs the functioning of the thyroid gland by affecting all its major functions.

Exercise Daily

A little exercise on an everyday basis can help you maintain the hormonal balance. It is not necessary that you go to the gym and use heavy equipment for workouts. Just following some routine exercises for 10-15 minutes can work.

Choose your supplements wisely

Make vitamin D, liver oil, magnesium, Maca and gelatin the core elements of your diet. Here’s why:

  • Vitamin D supports all the hormonal functions of the body.
  • Maca has the tendency of increasing libido and level of hormones
  • Liver oil is an essential constituent of the hormones.
  • Gelatin is considered to be a rich source for not just calcium but also phosphate and magnesium.

Seek Medical Assistance

For women

Hormones rebalance is preferably the most effective treatment for women going through menopause. When a female patient seeks medical assistance to rebalance the hormones causing disturbance in the body’s functions, the doctor checks the level of progesterone and testosterone in her body.

Testosterone treatments are then given to her to deal with issues such as weigh gain or weight loss and loss in skin elasticity. The dose of Oxytocin is also given to the female patients, which is either injected or sprayed directly into their mouth. The major purpose of this hormone is to improve their sex life.

For Men

A saliva or urine test is conducted in men to detect the level of hormones. Muscle fatigue, weaker bones, depression and anxiety, are some of the symptoms which help in detecting that the hormonal functions of the body are not working properly.

There are different testosterones treatments that are being offered by medical professionals to help men achieve the perfect balance of hormones. Testosterone may be given to the patients orally, through injection, in the form of skin patches or as creams. Optimal testosterone treatments are prescribed by the physicians, where the patients use bioidentical testosterone creams to treat achieve hormonal balance. Such creams may increase the overall level of testosterone in blood.

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