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Breast Augmentation With Autologous Tissue

Breast Augmentation with autologous tissue is a great option for women who wish to achieve larger breasts without the risks of silicone implants. The procedure uses a woman’s own fat and takes about three hours to complete. While the procedure may be more complicated than other breast augmentation options, it is minimally invasive and safe.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is an excellent choice for women seeking a natural alternative to silicone implants. The procedure is a simple one, requiring no incisions in the breast area. In addition, it provides more natural results than implants. It also reduces the need for revision surgery.

Researchers say the new technique could replace silicone implants in a decade. The technique uses fat tissue grown from human stem cells and biologically compatible scaffolding. This tissue is superior to silicone implants, which often spread and shrink over many years. If the technique becomes widely available, stem cell implants could be used in reconstructive surgery and cosmetic augmentation procedures.

It uses a woman’s own fat instead of implants

Autologous tissue is a procedure that uses a woman’s own fat instead or in addition to implants to enhance a woman’s breast size and shape. This procedure is not as invasive as other forms of breast augmentation and can create more natural results than implants. It also does not cause long-term thinning of the breasts and requires minimal maintenance. In contrast, implants are designed to last for decades. Nevertheless, a woman can experience implant-related issues in the future.

Another type of breast augmentation that uses a woman’s own fat instead or along with implants is autologous tissue flap breast reconstruction. The technique uses a woman’s own fat or tissue from her inner thigh, buttocks, or abdomen. The process uses more fat than implant-based breast reconstructions and can produce more natural-looking results.

It is a minimally invasive procedure

It is a minimally invasive procedure that can give women the appearance of larger, firmer breasts. The procedure makes use of a flap made of your body’s own tissue. This type of flap is the gold standard for breast reconstruction. It can be performed at the same time as a mastectomy.

Patients who have had breast cancer can also opt for autologous tissue grafting to give them a more natural look and feel. The process is also minimally invasive and typically requires a single small incision. Because it uses your own fat, the procedure is a viable option for breast reconstruction for women who have lost their breast size or are unhappy with their shape.

It is associated with improved body image and self-esteem

Breast augmentation using autologous tissue is associated with improved body image and self-esteem in women. Many women who undergo breast augmentation are happy with the results and report that they are more satisfied with their appearance. Among other benefits of breast augmentation, this procedure can improve self-esteem and improve relationships.

Summing up:

The process is associated with a more favorable body image, allowing women to set long-term goals. Furthermore, the improved survival rate after breast cancer allows patients to set more realistic goals. Among women who have undergone breast reconstruction, breast augmentation with autologous tissue is associated with a higher body-image score than with IBR.