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Breast Reduction in Cancun

A breast reduction surgery in Cancun can be a great option for those who want to reduce the size of their breasts. The procedure usually takes two to five hours but can take longer, depending on the size of your breasts. You may be required to stay overnight after surgery and will need to be checked regularly for the first 14 days. You will be given oral painkillers to help with the pain and swelling. After two weeks, your stitches will be removed, and you can return home.


A physician should regularly monitor the Aftercare of Breast Reduction in Cancun. Patients should follow a healthy diet and follow their prescribed medications. They should avoid wearing underwire bras in the early days. They should also avoid moving their breasts excessively.

Patients should also avoid getting wet bandages as this can cause infection. Lastly, it is essential to drink plenty of water.

Breast reduction procedures are performed by removing excess skin and tissue from the breasts.

This procedure helps reduce the breasts’ size and makes them proportional to the body’s proportions. After the procedure, patients should expect to take painkillers to reduce swelling and pain. The stitches will be removed in a couple of weeks.


The scars left after breast reduction surgery can be very unsightly. However, a skilled surgeon can minimize the appearance of scarring. The surgeon will recommend different treatments, including non-surgical and surgical options, to reduce their appearance. Laser treatment may also be offered by the doctor, which is a good option for lightening scars. In some cases, the doctor may recommend scar revision surgery, which can be performed if the scar is too dark or raised.

After breast reduction surgery, it is important to visit the doctor for follow-ups to prevent infection. It is also important to take prescribed medication. During the early days after surgery, you should not wear underwire bras. You should also avoid excessive movement. Also, don’t ignore soreness or redness after the procedure. Visit the doctor right away. Be sure to drink plenty of water.


Recovery after breast reduction in Cancun can take from two to five weeks, depending on the size and type of surgery. Following surgery, you will need to have regular check-ups and follow a special diet plan. You should also avoid wearing underwire bras or moving your breasts excessively for a few days after surgery. You will be given oral painkillers to relieve any pain and swelling. After two weeks, your stitches will be removed, and you will be sent home.

After breast reduction, most women can return to their normal daily activities within a few weeks. However, it will take a little longer if you work in a strenuous job or are active in sports. You should also limit sexual activity to one week. After your surgery, you should be gentle with your breasts for several weeks.


Breast reduction is a surgical procedure in which a part of the breast is removed, along with the excess skin and fat. There are a variety of risks associated with the surgery, including increased bleeding and the possibility of infection. While the success rate for breast reduction in Cancun is high, there is still some risk involved. One of the most common complications is delayed wound healing. The procedure is performed during My Medical vacation in Cancun.