Robyn 2

Breast Reduction from AB, CAN.

Name: Robyn Eckes

Procedure: Breast Reduction

Country: AB, CAN


My name is Robyn Eckes I came from Canada for a breast reduction, I can’t say enough nice things about MMV. Our first email was sent in February and I got here in April for surgery, Kary was great at getting all my questions answered and making me feel comfortable.

Ana and Ale were always so pleasant to talk too and really made me feel like a friend, I appreciate all the steps the whole team took to get me into surgery. MMV really organized the entire process from appointments to accommodations.

My experience in Canada trying to be approved for a breast reduction was beyond frustrating, many doctors had told me NO because of my weight or because I hadn’t breastfed babies yet, not to mentions the cost difference.

Everything here in Cancun was still cheaper that just the surgery cost in Canada, my decision to travel with MMV was very easy and I will recommend them to everyone.

Robyn Eckes
Robyn Eckes