Testimonial Breast Implants from Maine, USA

Testimonial Breast Implants from Maine, USA



I am a 40 year old mom, from Maine. I have wanted breast implants for over 20 years and always found a reason to keep putting it off.

I finally decided to do something for me. I did consult with local doctors but always had Sticker shock on the type of implant I wanted. I started exploring cosmetic surgery in other Countries and was instantly comfortable with Katie at My Medical Vacations.

I proceed to book my surgery date and made arrangements for travel. I received a lot of Doubt from friends questioning my decision to travel to Mexico, but I felt comfortable with My choice, although I was still nervous. I can tell you know as I pack to go home I made the Right choice. I was so well take care of the second I arrived until today as I leave. The staff Betty, Katie and Andres are so warm and knowledgeable. They truly care for their patients.

I would recommend them to my closest friends and family. You can rest assured you are in Great hands through this journey.


Testimonial Breast Implants

“…You can rest assured you are in great hands through this journey…”



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