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Why My Medical Vacations is Your Best Choice for Medical Tourism

Do you need to escape from the shooting health care costs? Maybe you should take something called a “medical vacation”. An estimation of about five hundred thousand of Americans is going to take a “medical vacation” this year because they either can’t afford to undergo the treatments they need in their country or prefer to save money in this way or for their future plans.

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Facial Rejuvenation Testimonial

For the time I reached out to TT until today, the day before I go home, I’ve been nothing but pleased with my experience.

The concern for my health, my successful surgery and my own emotional wellbeing thought the process has been wonderful. The staff at MMV has been supportive, encouraging and thoughtful.

Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Mexico is a vast, astonishingly diverse country that proffers long coasts, mountains and majestic cities. There are also Mayan falls, jungle, tropical rain forest, lakes and rivers. You could say that people have chosen this country as the best place in the world to live outside the U.S. in the way that actually counts. While [...]
Merida amazing destination medical tourism

Mérida: Amazing Destination for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is on the up, and people from all over the world have become adapted to traveling overseas for medical care in another country. When you are contemplating on plastic surgery or oncology, you want to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible, and this is not always available in your home [...]

Breast Lift with Implants (2nd visit) from BC, Canada

December 1, 2015   This is my second trip to Cancun for plastic surgery with My Medical Vacations. This time I came for a breast lift and augmentation, and some liposuction. I’m very happy with the results Dr. Sámano has a great bedside manner, and was very understanding. Betty is one of the concierge staff…

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Testimonial from Alberta, Canada

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks to the “My Medical Vacations” Cancun Team. By nature I am a very skeptical person but from the reviews, lots of research and numerous emails back & forth, phone calls, lots of questions and a referral I decided to put my trust in their…

Mini Facelift Liposuction Brazilian Buttock and Tummy Tuck Testimonial from Manitoba, Canada

To whom this may concern, I found My Medical Vacations through the internet. I had always wanted to visit Cancun. So I came here. I started with a girl called Keera and then Katie who was a pleasure to talk with. We arranged the surgery for 29 of September 2015. I flew in one…

Top 5 Reasons for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been around for quite some time now and it is growing increasingly popular and in demand now. Plenty of wealthy Asians and Europeans, along with their American counterparts travel to exotic destinations around the world in order to seek health related treatments that cost a fortune in their homeland. The trend has…

The Most Important Tips for Medical Travelers

Medical travel is definitely not a piece of cake and it has got the propensity to really get under your skin if you have not prepared well for it. You need to understand the importance of being well prepared at all times when you are travelling, and medical vacations are definitely worth preparing for. So…