Liposculpture and BBL Testimonial

Liposculpture and BBL Testimonial from Calgary, Alberta

“…The girls are absolutely amazing and have provided great care which we would never receive in Canada. The Doctor they aligned me with, Dr. Torres was extremely informative and made me feel comfortable…”

Would I recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone, 100% I would.

From the beginning to when we first booked until now getting ready for our journey home the whole process has been seamless and painless.

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Extendend Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture testimonial from Chicago, USA

Being a single woman traveling alone to have surgery in, another country I was met by Gabriel who drove me to the lab to meet Aya and to get my first blood work done.

She was wonderful, so welcoming like I was her long-lost sister. Aya my patient concierge was also the one who arranged all of my appointment and sometimes brought to them.

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My experience was good with MMV after surgery I had a few minor concerns and everyone immediately cares and addressed them and made sure that I had great care.

Maureen was my first contact and she is super efficient and professional and even went above and beyond when we had a concern at our hotel she addressed it and made sure that we had a good experience.

Iposculpture, Bichat And Fat Grafting (Facial) Cancún


A big THANK YOU to the team of My Medical Vacations! I wish I could say that the entire process of surgery was easy.
What was easy is how well Katie, Alex, Paco, Ana and of course Dr.samano worked together to provide everything I needed.
I admit to having feeling of regret the firt 3 days post-op and I went into a little depression –



From the minute I have contacted My Medical Vacations online, the medical assitants have always given
me prompts and very honest reponses at my arrival in Cancun all the staff made me feel comfortable and homey.
Dr.Samano is very talented surgeon that have answers all my questions and met my expectation after my
surgeries the nurse visited me at my hotel every day and made sure my needs were met I would definitely
recommend My Medical Vacations and would come back if needed in the future thank you to all the team.


Breast Lift with Implants (2nd visit) from BC, Canada

December 1, 2015   This is my second trip to Cancun for plastic surgery with My Medical Vacations. This time I came for a breast lift and augmentation, and some liposuction. I’m very happy with the results Dr. Sámano has a great bedside manner, and was very understanding. Betty is one of the concierge staff…

Liposculpture Testimonial

Liposculpture Testimonial

I was really pleased with my experience with My Medical Vacations. They really looked after me Pre and Post Surgery and I always felt my welfare was their highest priority. They even helped to entertain my wife and son whilst I was in theater and that is an example of the excellent personal touch they…