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Extendend Tummy Tuck and Liposculpture testimonial from Chicago, USA

Being a single woman traveling alone to have surgery in, another country I was met by Gabriel who drove me to the lab to meet Aya and to get my first blood work done.

She was wonderful, so welcoming like I was her long-lost sister. Aya my patient concierge was also the one who arranged all of my appointment and sometimes brought to them.

My nurse Ana was fantastic from the beginning of my stay until the end she took very good care of me every day. After my surgery, she stayed in the hospital all night and checked on me every two hours to make sure everything was ok. Every day she would visit me at my apartment, check on my sutures and change my bandages our relationships evolved into one of friendship she told me of her personal life and ambitions and shared pictures of meals that she was cooking she was selfless in that she would pick up food or water or other things when I needed it she is absolutely lovely and I consider her a dear friend.

I, unfortunately, do not know all of the names of the nurses and orderlies who helped me when came out of surgery but I want to thank them too for their gentle and friendly care of me in my one night stay in the hospital. They were always swift when I had requested.

Dr. Edgar Torres is hands down the best doctor that I have had experience with including doctors in the USA there is not enough room here for me to express how I feel about Dr. Torres but he is absolutely wonderful amazing an artist in his field compassionate meticulous dedicate extremely professional and very personable as I said earlier I traveled to my surgery alone but I didn’t feel alone because I instantly became part of my close-knit family unit thank you again!

My love and best wishes to all of you!


Beth Hyman

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