John Melody Testimonial 1

Face lift & Breast implants exchange


All of the staff of My Medical Vacations including our concierge Betty and our daily attendant Anna took the almost care and diligence to assure that our surgical medical experiences were very successful and assured the all of needs were met throughout our stay in Mexico.

We are very grateful for their assistance in our care.

Jackie Woodrick

Breast Lift + Lipo + BBL Testimonial from Texas, USA

Thank you for a great Medical experience. As I was a patient before I already mention that outstanding personal attention the staff gives. I want to mention it again as it makes the experiences so much valuable.

Anna is a highly, caring, outgoing nurse. She reacts to every situation with compassion and expertise.

Carolyn Fox

Facial Rejuvenation Testimonial from Colorado, USA

“I could not have asked for a better team of people!  I thank them (My Medical Vacations) from the bottom of my heart for their knowledge and compassion, and Dr. Valdez for his “gift”.  I still look a little bruised and swollen, but I feel that I will be very happy with the results…”

Emoke Beleznai 2

B.L+ Capsulectomy and B. I. Removal from BC, Canada

My trip to Mexico for elective surgery was a success. I cannot say enough good things about My Medical Vacation, Dr. Arturo Valdez, RN Ana Lopez, Karina, PlayaMed Hospital and Staff.

Going to another Country for a medical procedure was a concern but everyone involved made it easy, language was no problem because everybody communicated in excellent English.

Tonia Annette Breeden

Facelift Testimonial From Arkansas, USA

My experience with My Medical Vacations has been a very positive experience. I was a little aseptically on the beginning but my concern was put at least by the entire individual involved.

Gabriel was very good to work with and help with my concerns. I had to re-schedule my first date I had due to my getting sick,

George Conrad

Facelift Testimonial from Washington, USA

I first contacted My Medical Vacations (MMV) in October of 2019. I’ve had contact with more than eight of their staff since that time. In five cases, these were face-to-face experiences.

Mariana was my primary contact until I accepted & signed the contract. After that Betty was my itinerary contact. Once my wife and I arrived in Cancun in late January,

Michell Cole 1

Tummy Tuck + Lipo + Fat Transfer from Alamaba, USA

My experience was very good over all. I landed in Cancun and was met by a driver since I arrived very late, I was taken to check in to my hotel and met my nurse Ana in the morning.

I can’t thank them enough, from landing beautiful Cancun, Mexico having someone waiting on us at the airport,

Dawn 1

Liposuction testimonial from Georgia, USA

My experience was very good over all. I landed in Cancun and was met by a driver since I arrived very late, I was taken to check in to my hotel and met my nurse Ana in the morning.

I had never traveled to another country by plane so everything was new. Ana was very nice and took me for blood work and later in the afternoon my EKG where I met Betty face to face and Gabriel who had been my first contact.

Adam Willis

Liposuction Testimonial from Australia

“I would highly recommend My Medical Vacations to anyone who is looking for a place to get any cosmetic procedures done.”

A massive thank you to all the team at My Medical Vacations in Cancun. From the moment I made enquiry for liposuction Betty was extremely helpful and gave me all the information to make an informed decision about what procedure would be the best option for me. 

Kristi 20

Extended Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift + Liposuction from Australia

My name is Kristi, and I travelled from Australia to Cancun to undergo a series of procedures through My Medical Vacations.

I absolutely cannot say enough good things about the entire experience, and couldn’t have asked for more. My expectations were far exceeded!From the initial query for information right up to now,