Jackie Woodrick

Breast Lift + Lipo + BBL Testimonial from Texas, USA

Thank you for a great Medical experience. As I was a patient before I already mention that outstanding personal attention the staff gives. I want to mention it again as it makes the experiences so much valuable.

Anna is a highly, caring, outgoing nurse. She reacts to every situation with compassion and expertise.

Making a group in WhatsApp made our communication a breeze (thanks kary) everyone know where we were and what the plan was.

I was pleased to see all the COVID protocol are in place sanitizers, face mask, shoe disinfectant, distancing and all the other precautions made me feel confident I was getting the best protection possible.

IV treatment pre and post-surgery was a great idea, it gave me a boost before and after surgery.

Special thanks to Anna, Betty , Kary


Jackie form Texas!

Jackie Woodrick Testimonial

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