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Orthopedic Procedure (Plate and screws removal) Testimonial from Arizona, USA

Having spent a considerable amount of time searching for a surgeon that could remove a troublesome plate from my leg in Wyoming, Idaho and Northern Arizona and having found that there was a labyrinth of people I had to contact and connections that I would have to make unaided I got quite frustrated with the American system of so-called ‘Health Care’.


Vaser Lipo + Rib Reshaping + Breast Lift + Breast Augmentation from Tanzania, Africa

My experience with “My Medical Vacations” was more that I expect.

To go to any country for surgery is scary, and more if you are coming to Cancun (more known as a party place). However, the service level is excellent, the team of this company they here to help you in everything, from where to stay,

Gina Catania

Breast Lift + Lipo vaser + Blepharoplasty, USA

I am completely thrilled with my experience with My Medical Vacations and Dr. Arturo Valdez.

From the moment I chose them the staff was completely attentive to every detail of my trip and all of my needs and questions.

When I landed my transportation was there and I was quickly brought to my condo.

Tummy Tuck, California, USA

I give the highest rating to Dr. Valdez and the Medical Vacations team (Betty, Ana and Kary).

After doing extensive research on various programs, I chose Medical Vacations because of the quality of care and follow-up included in the package. I was not disappointed. From my earliest interactions the team was highly responsive and genuinely caring.

Celina Larson 3

Breast Implants exchange + Capsulectomy, Texas, USA

It was great to have my consult with the Doctor before I arrived, he explained the procedure and I ask him to pick the size of implants as he is the expert I said I would trust him and hot google.

I am 6 days form my surgery and I honestly thought size would be too big for my frame but he was absolutely right for my frame and body shape they are great.

Monsour De Guzman Testimonial

BBL + Vaser Lipo Testimonial from Toronto, Canada

My Experience with My Medical Vacations was so amazing. From picking-up to the airport, to medical exams everything is so perfect.

They are very organized, caring and helpful. Dr. Valdez is so gentle and kind; he knows what his doing he is so knowledgeable about everything.

Then there is Ana and Betty – they are so caring,

Collen Zaremba

Rhino-Septoplasty Testimonial from Oakland, California

My Experience with My Medical Vacations has been amazing. Everything from arrival in the airport in Cancun to the last day before I flew home, my nurse Ana is the best and made me feel so comfortable taking me to all my medical appointment prior to surgery.

Even the day of my surgery,

John Melody Testimonial 1

Face lift & Breast implants exchange


All of the staff of My Medical Vacations including our concierge Betty and our daily attendant Anna took the almost care and diligence to assure that our surgical medical experiences were very successful and assured the all of needs were met throughout our stay in Mexico.

We are very grateful for their assistance in our care.

Jackie Woodrick

Breast Lift + Lipo + BBL Testimonial from Texas, USA

Thank you for a great Medical experience. As I was a patient before I already mention that outstanding personal attention the staff gives. I want to mention it again as it makes the experiences so much valuable.

Anna is a highly, caring, outgoing nurse. She reacts to every situation with compassion and expertise.