Tummy Tuck, California, USA

I give the highest rating to Dr. Valdez and the Medical Vacations team (Betty, Ana and Kary).

After doing extensive research on various programs, I chose Medical Vacations because of the quality of care and follow-up included in the package. I was not disappointed. From my earliest interactions the team was highly responsive and genuinely caring.

They made every effort to ensure my concerns were addressed, I was comfortable and healing well, drove me to every appointment, and provided translation as they skillfully guided me through the process. They even helped me buy groceries! It’s a quality program and all the efforts of the wonderful team allowed me to focus on my recovery.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend you explore the Medical Vacations program. Patient safety is a top priority and numerous steps were taken by Dr. Valdez and the team to achieve an optimal outcome. I’m delighted with my results.

~Anastasia Montejano

Anastasia Montejano Testimonial


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