Gina Catania

Breast Lift + Lipo vaser + Blepharoplasty, USA

I am completely thrilled with my experience with My Medical Vacations and Dr. Arturo Valdez.

From the moment I chose them the staff was completely attentive to every detail of my trip and all of my needs and questions.

When I landed my transportation was there and I was quickly brought to my condo. The next day the most wonderful caregiver in the world, Ana, showed up to take me food shopping and to all of my pre-op appointments. She spent hours helping me with everything I needed, and is great company besides being an RN. The cardiologist at PlayaMed and the entire staff there were professional and warm.

I was blown away by Dr. Valdez. He spent so much time asking me what I wanted, explaining all the procedures and their outcomes, and then he mapped out his plan, taking photos and drawing. He was warm, kind, and completely professional. I knew I was in great hands. Next morning Dr. Valdez and Dra. Alvarez, the anesthesiologist, visited me to reassure me and tell me of their plans. I had my procedures: liposuction, breast lift, upper eye lift and facial fat grafting.

The hospital nurses were so wonderful, there every moment I needed them and so caring. The room was comfortable and the food was good!

And Ana was there throughout, checking on me, making sure I had everything I needed, taking care of my medications and my needs. Dr. Valdez and Dra. Alvarez checked on me after I woke up, and twice the next day. Betty Corona visited me and kept in touch by text and is so knowledgeable, reassuring and kind.

Once I returned to my condo, Ana and Betty checked on me every day and were available for everything I needed.

I am so happy with my experience, and my outcome! I would not hesitate to recommend MMV and Dr. Valdez to anyone needing a cosmetic procedure (or any other procedure, for that matter). They just do it right!!!!

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