Extended Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + Breast Implant replacement with Lift Testimonial from Quèbec, Canada

My Medical Vacations far exceeded my expectations!! I don’t speak Spanish and I was an emergency room for more than 10 years in Canada. I had breast implants, VIP Patients service, capsulectomy, extended tummy tuck, max liposculpture with Dr. Arturo Valdez.

Initially I was very apprehensive about having my surgery in a country I knew a very little about. I found my MMV by Google searching cosmetic surgery vacations because I had heard that the cost was substantially less that Canada.

My first contact was with both Andres and Gabriel Jurado, they were so patient never put any pressure on me and I could feel they just genuinely wanted the best experience for me possible. My first meeting with my surgeon Dr. A. Valdez was by video conference, any hesitation I may have had before that day quickly fell away Dr. Valdez was patient, kind, extremely informative and eager to answer all my question, and he did it in a way that completely replaced any nervousness with excitement and eager anticipation.

I couldn’t get to Mexico quickly enough!! After meeting him in person I was even more impressed. You can tell he cares deeply about his patients and he is absolutely perfectionist an artist.I can honestly say I won’t (after this experience) let anyone other than Dr. Valdez operation on me, even considered getting a tattoo that’s says “body by Valdez” (just kidding) but my results would make that make sense.

The entire team is extraordinary!! Ana was my nurse she is extremely skilled, efficient, hardworking and attentive!! Not mention kind and compassionate and would be a blessing to any medical team, she is also an amazing driver (no small feat in Mexico) and she knows and is loved by everyone! Can also said for me and is extremely sweet and cares to help in every way possible.

Dr. Valdez office assistant Jennifer is also very sweet and attentive.

Betty was my coordinator. She is so nice and genuine courage to help with any and everything even organized a birthday party for my daughter, absolutely love her! She really makes me feel like my experience matters and she went above and beyond to make sure that the experience was fantastic.

Even the anesthesiology was wonderful, Doctora Florencia Alvarez was though so kind, informative and very skilled. I had fantastic pain control with my epidural which is nothing  the epidural with a C – section ( I had 3)

I slept and remember nothing the bonus with the option of a epidural is your pain is significative less for several deep post-operative and not nausea or vomit in recovery, no to mention reduce risk for a complication.  

I hope I’m not forgetting anyone but just know the entire team is amazing, they will take care of you every nee and your result will be nothing short of perfection.

I choose to stay at the recommended La Quinta Cancun Hotel and the was lovely, very comfortable, nice breakfast buffet, the cleaning staff was very sweet but speak very little English. The front desk staff made no impression on me either way. I had minimal contact with them as MMV team take care of all my needs.

I would recommend using MMV even if you can afford to have your surgery else where (The saving is substation compared to Canada) If you want to have an exceptional care and service.

I can’t thank this team enough for making my experience one of the best I’ve ever had!! I will likely return to have future procedures and will definitely see all of my family and friends!!

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