Patient safety

Patient safety, a apriority in My Medical Vacations

Patient safety is undeniably a very important aspect of any medical procedure. However, many people tend to ignore this factor while checking the credentials of hospitals and doctors. This negligence can have dire consequences if things go wrong. Fortunately, patient safety is always a priority at MyMedicalVacations.

Understanding Patient Safety Standards

Patient Safety is a discipline that focuses on ensuring safety in healthcare. This is ensured by “prevention, reduction, reporting, and analysis of medical error that often leads to adverse effects”. The discipline gained public attention in the 1990s, after it was observed that failure to adhere to certain standards was correlated with severe negative impacts on patients. Today, most hospitals across the world are required to follow certain patient safety standards in order to have their license. Patient Safety is a vast field that includes many causes and factors. In general, everything involved in medical procedures – medical professionals, instruments and drugs – come under its purview.

Need for patient safety

Patient safety might seem like a trivial issue to focus on, compared to other subjects in medical procedures. However, in reality it is a vast field that touches multiple domains, from success rate to patient experience.

The date shared by WHO sheds on light on the need of patient safety. A quarter of patients receiving primary healthcare face some kind of harm. Every year, 134 million adverse events occur during medical procedures, resulting in 2.6 million deaths. The errors behind these events cost healthcare industry $42 billion annually.

Clearly, lack of safety standard can have significant or even fatal impact on the patients. Thus it becomes very important to check if a medical facility provides enough focus on patient safety procedures.

Patient Safety at MyMedicalVacations

My Medical Vacations was founded with the aim of providing the details of best medical services to medical tourists. Our role is limited strictly as being the information provider to the prospective patients. However, that does not mean that we take patient safety lightly.

At My Medical Vacations, we follow a thorough verification of medical facilities and professionals we choose to features on our website. They must match certain standards before we decide to recommend them. Every claim made by healthcare facilities is cross-verified by us before we decide to feature them. This includes the claims of patient safety.

Before we select any medical facility, we check if they meet the recommended safety standard set by international bodies. We personally verify if they match their claims on the ground level. Testimonials from past patients are also included. A similar procedure is followed in case of individual medical professionals. Their past record is assessed to look for any lapses on safety standards. Again, testimonials from previous patients are taken.

At My Medical Vacations, we toil hard to ensure that the services we feature keep your safety as their foremost priority.

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