Paulette Burnell

Breast Lift + Ext tummy tuck, Saskatchewan, Canada

My Medical Vacation Cancun Mexico November 2021

After a lot of research, I reached out to My Medical Vacations for information. I received prompt contact and was given instructions on what photos they required in order to give me a proper quote and i was reassured that these photos would go no further than to Dr Valdez.

My quote included everything, transport to and from the airport, to all medical appointments, for a nurse to see me every day, all my medication, insurance, hospital stay, my PCR test to come back to Canada, compression garments, physiotherapist to come see me in my hotel twice during my recovery, and two IV therapies for healing me from the inside out, simply amazing.

After a few more photos and advice on how to take the proper photos ha-ha, I was given a quote for an extended tummy tuck and breast lift. I had reached out to a surgeon in Toronto, Ontario, Canada also. They would not give me an actual quote only estimates and it was twice the money at their low side.

I was contacted by phone from a wonderful lady named Flor. She would become my little voice in my head keeping me on track for the month’s prior my surgery. She gave me support as I worked to take off the 20 lbs required to get the results I was looking for. She answered all my questions and gave me tons of information of everything that was going to happin.

Betty Corona was my wonderful lady who would tell me all required procedures I would have done and need to do before coming to Cancun. She was marvelous simply a joy to talk to and still is. Anna my nurse just amazing and kind every time she came to check on me she never rushed thru it, so sweet and I know she was busy with many other patients but she made time for me.

Dr. Valdez now that’s a man who is very straightforward. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, it was very nice to know he gave the facts of what my skin was capable off and what it wasnt. He is a perfectionist for sure which I thought was very calming going in for such a huge body makeover.  My pre-op visit took a very long time, he measured and drew on my body over and over until he felt I was gonna have the proper curves and shape. He explained his plan the whole time exactly what he was trying to accomplish and how he was going to get there. If it wasnt for his honesty and care about my body and health of my body I could have never gone thru with it, I was truly terrified of the procedure and if it was all gonna be worth it.

Well when I saw my body for the first time standing in front of Dr. Valdez the day after surgery I could have cried. I looked incredible truthfully I never thought in a million years at 55 years old that I could look that small and curvy again. I saw the Doctor two more times before I got to go home. He sent antibiotics home with me in case I got an infection, which I did not, but he wanted to be sure all was taken care of. He was also very delighted to find out I was coming back to Cancun in the end of December 2021 into January/2022 so he requested to have me come see him for a checkup. 

I am home now for almost 3 weeks some of my scars are almost gone. My husband told me yesterday that he has always found me beautiful and sexy, then he smiled at me and told me that I looked amazing and he can’t wait to be able to hold me a make love to me, He looked at me with the smile I used to see when we first met…if that makes sense lol.

Well all I can say is to anyone who is looking to have a body makeover this is the only place to go.  The care, the staff, the cleanliness and the aftercare which I am still getting for months to come via messenger is simply above and beyond anything I could have expected.


Paulette Burnell

Saskatchewan, Canada

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