Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL

Ext. Tummy Tuck + Max Liposuction Vaser + BBL. Edmonton, AB

I had my surgery Nov 14, I had the tummy tuck with lipo, and the team made it a great experience!

Everything went smoothly and I am so impressed with the level of service I have received, Dr. Valdez is amazing! Not only does he do fantastic work but he ensures you are comfortable I always felt safe and he explained everything.

Paulette Burnell

Breast Lift + Ext tummy tuck, Saskatchewan, Canada

My Medical Vacation Cancun Mexico November 2021

After a lot of research, I reached out to My Medical Vacations for information. I received prompt contact and was given instructions on what photos they required in order to give me a proper quote and i was reassured that these photos would go no further than to Dr Valdez.