Orthopedic Procedure (Plate and screws removal) Testimonial from Arizona, USA

Having spent a considerable amount of time searching for a surgeon that could remove a troublesome plate from my leg in Wyoming, Idaho and Northern Arizona and having found that there was a labyrinth of people I had to contact and connections that I would have to make unaided I got quite frustrated with the American system of so-called ‘Health Care’. I felt it should be renamed ‘Wealth Care’ because the whole system was not oriented towards helping people but rather to keeping the medical system and the pharmaceuticals systems well financed.

As I have done before I began to look for aid outside my own country. Fortunately for me, the team at My Medical Vacations sent me an itinerary that would include all the things I needed for a surgical procedure in Quintana Roo, Mexico at a price that was affordable. A whole plan was laid out in advance and they even found a hotel for me.

My Medical Vacations furnished the rides to the various clinics all within the Cancun downtown and even found a dentist for me at short notice for a tooth I had broken shortly before my flight, again in a nice facility at a surprisingly good price.

I ended up quite happy with the surgery, the surgeon and the help I got in all facets of my experience in Cancun. I even got to poke around town for a few days before the operation and see the sunny side of the city.

Thanks again for all the help.

Roger Freed

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