To anyone interested in My Medical Vacations, I just wanted to talk about my experience with the company.
It started out with going through their website, then getting in touch with katie. I had so many questions
about liposuction that I ended up hounding katie as I was so skeptical about everything when everything
was finalized, I met with Dr.samano I although he is such a professional & he knew what he was doing, I was
just so scared and paranoid about the surgery however, once the surgery was over, I felt so relieved I happy
that they succeeded in delivering what they had promised. Throughout the whole procedure, everyone was so
supportive, helpful, I calming, they tried their best to help me out with any questions or concerns I had.
A special thanks to Ana (my nurse)! She came everyday to help me with showering and every other discomfort
of mine she was so dedicated and although her schedules was very busy, she even came twice at times when
I was having problems. The only thing that I was not so happy about is that you don’t get their driver for
personal errands but only for things related to the procedure however, thanks a lot the whole team for marking
this happens.


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