Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Mexico is a vast, astonishingly diverse country that proffers long coasts, mountains and majestic cities. There are also Mayan falls, jungle, tropical rain forest, lakes and rivers. You could say that people have chosen this country as the best place in the world to live outside the U.S. in the way that actually counts. While closeness is a great advantage, there’s much more to the entire Mexico package to make it one of the coolest live-overseas choices. In a breakout meeting on one of the latest sessions, senior expats revealed Merida as their favorite city in Mexico.

Merida, the elegant imposing city has long been a favorite of senior expats, mostly those of a more carefree bent. Located at the central state of Yucatan, Merida has a fascinating historic center, outstanding restaurants and a dynamic arts prospect for expats.

Merida has become a popular expat destination and there are presently several senior expats living in this city. It is mainly pleasing as a retirement destination for Americans, who find that they can revel in a lower cost of living than the one obtainable within their home country. Expats experience a peaceful step of life and repeatedly find it a pleasurable and easy going place to live.

The residents are approachable and friendly to foreigners and the crime rate is relatively low. Expats living in Merida find that there is no deficiency of things to do and the country, diverse landscape provide an array of activities from soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches through to discovering the mountainside lakes. Obviously, another biggest fascination of Merida is its easy accessibility. Subjected to your location in the United States, you can drive to different parts of Merida along good roads. If that’s not a preference, the airports at Cancun are also accessible from Merida. If you want a big-city life with the beach not far away from your house, there’s Mérida. This city of nearly a million inhabitants lies about half an hour from the Yucatán Gulf Coast where several senior expats has joined them. If you seek for any boutique shopping or dining here, you will also get a calm and stress free experience.

More so, Merida is also referred to as the cultural capital of the region, since the city is blessed with stunning architecture and an exciting, exclusive cuisine. One main issue expats are sensitive about is their medical care. However, Merida health care has been proven by expats to be the best among major metropolitan areas making it one of the favorite city for expats.

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