Cancun as the Medical Tourism Destination

When the country raises the cost of healthcare and medical treatments, citizens find the “within-the-pocket” options, one of which is, traveling to the other country where healthcare facilities are being offered for much low.

Research has shown that every year, almost 8 million people travel to another country for availing cheaper and high-quality treatment.

safest city in mexico

Mérida: The Safest City in Mexico

Mexico is a huge country, with lots of attractive and fascinating places to see. But before brushing a Mexico trip on the side, you need to know the expats favorite city in terms of medical tourism and safety record. A questions most tourist ask is whether Mexico is safe for them during their medical tourism [...]
Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Merida: Seniors Expats Favorite City in Mexico

Mexico is a vast, astonishingly diverse country that proffers long coasts, mountains and majestic cities. There are also Mayan falls, jungle, tropical rain forest, lakes and rivers. You could say that people have chosen this country as the best place in the world to live outside the U.S. in the way that actually counts. While [...]
Merida amazing destination medical tourism

Mérida: Amazing Destination for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is on the up, and people from all over the world have become adapted to traveling overseas for medical care in another country. When you are contemplating on plastic surgery or oncology, you want to ensure that you are getting the best treatment possible, and this is not always available in your home [...]
The Hottest Medical Tourism Destinations in the World Right Now!

The Hottest Medical Tourism Destinations in the World Right Now!

Medical tourism is definitely on the rise, and there are more than a dozen countries in the world right now that have adopted the trend. There are medical tourism destinations all over the world right now, from Asia to South America to Europe; there is no shortage of medical destinations. There are lots of agencies…

Cancun – A Magnificent City!

Cancun – A Magnificent City!

Situated in the very foundation of Mexico is a gem in the state of Quintana Roo – the city of Cancun. The lovely location boasts impressive tourism destinations and is a constant tourist attraction throughout the year thanks to its flawless beauty. A majority of people from North America prefer calling the city of Cancun their second home because of its unreal tropical paradise outlook.