safest city in mexico

Mérida: The Safest City in Mexico

Mexico is a huge country, with lots of attractive and fascinating places to see. But before brushing a Mexico trip on the side, you need to know the expats favorite city in terms of medical tourism and safety record.

A questions most tourist ask is whether Mexico is safe for them during their medical tourism especially in the wake of a sweeping security alert for Mexico. In many ways, Mexico has been a very wild country. With several apparently boundless headlines reporting some of the grimmest violence in the country, it’s might somehow be tough to choose Mexico for your medical tourism.

Not only are some areas of Mexico indeed seeing the worst homicide figures in decades, but the country recorded its most violent year on record last year, ultimately pointing to an alarming rise in cartel activity. However, Merida, the capital of Yucatan has been said to be the safest city in Mexico. Today’s, Merida is not only astonishingly diverse and interesting, it’s also far safer than the media would have you believe.

Merida has become the rising favorite city for medical tourists. Merida is stunning majestic city about three hours inland from Cancun. Since it is located just a three-hour drive away on the Yucatán Peninsula, it’s has become the best and safest city to enjoy and have the maximum medical tourism experience. Over the years, Merida has escaped the drug violence that has factually affected some of Mexico’s more southern and coastline ends which is because many top executive people have their second homes there. Whether this is true or not, this city is quiet, earnest, imposing, warm and very safe for medical tourists as well as its occupants. More so, if getting your soul cleansed is a main concern for you presently, Mérida is also perhaps one of the best places to enjoy real-deal experience. To wader, it is relatively the of the most magnificently walkable city in Mexico. The city beams with blazingly colored majestic buildings, broad central plazas, attractive 17th century cathedrals, and bustling local markets. The buildings are well-maintained and it has serves as the best place to enjoy wonderful Yucatecan foods. Tourist also get to experience shaman- led healing trip which is completed with scented incense, medicinal plants and cocoa beans at underground cenotes. Merida is also a renowned destination for celebrating equinoxes.

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