Top 5 Reasons for Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has been around for quite some time now and it is growing increasingly popular and in demand now. Plenty of wealthy Asians and Europeans, along with their American counterparts travel to exotic destinations around the world in order to seek health related treatments that cost a fortune in their homeland. The trend has been growing continuously and we look at the reasons why medical tourism is still so popular today:

1.     Incredible Savings

The primary reason for medical tourism is of course the outstanding savings that you can enjoy when you travel to another country for the sake of medical treatments. A typical procedure may cost 50% less in a foreign country than in the country where you reside and the healthcare on offer will be top notch as well. For instance a cardiac bypass surgery in the United States can cost you around $100,000! The same surgery will cost you around 80% less if it is done in Mexico and you can even enjoy a nice relaxing vacation with a companion and still not reach that amount.

2.     No Wait-Lists

Another attractive factor for medical tourism is the lack of waiting-lists which is common in most of the developed countries. You can easily go to a medical tourism destination and get surgery for a persistent back problem, rather than be given medication for several years for the same condition in the United States. The low cost of the surgery is also another factor for medical tourism being favored by many.

3.     Excellent Quality

If the healthcare on offer in medical tourism was of average quality it would not have gotten the attention that it is getting today. The best part about medical tourism is that you are able to enjoy world-class healthcare treatments at a fraction of the cost. All the providers are accredited by leading healthcare organizations such as ISO, JCI, and JCAHO. This means that you will not have to worry about anything in terms of the outcome of the healthcare treatments, since you are being treated by the very best in the business and it is not burning a hole in your pocket.

4.     Surgeon Expertise

The leading surgeons in every field in the world have started joining the medical tourism bandwagon and have started giving treatments to medical travelers at these exotic destinations. The vast majority of the surgeons you will find have gotten their professional training and experience at the top schools in the United States and Europe and are therefore well equipped to handle any type of treatment.

5.     Travel Opportunities

One of the most important reasons why medical tourism is gaining in popularity is that it provides the tourist with lots of traveling opportunities. If you have got a love for traveling and want to get treated for your condition at the same time then there can be nothing better in the world. You get to see some of the most exotic destinations in the world, whilst still being treated with world-class medical practitioners.


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