Breast lift and eye lid (higher and lower surgery) Testimonial

Breast lift and eye lid (higher and lower surgery) Testimonial

Much more than expected!! Breast lift and eye lid (higher and lower surgery) 6500.00$

It took me months to finally decide to go with MY MEDICAL VACATIONS  Cancun  to do my breasts lift( including a capsuloscopy which is the scar tissue that cause excessive hardness to the breasts, removal of 18 year old saline implants and replacement with silicone gel implants and the lift)  and eye lift higher and lower lids.

I am from Canada and to have those 2 surgeries done, it would have cost me 16,000$ (before taxes) and after reading testimonials from patients that had plastic surgery done abroad,  with success, l decided to get it done on January 14th 2014.

My Journey with MY MEDICAL VACATIONS started in august 2013 over multiple emails and always got a quick answer to any questions that l had, Katie my patient coordinator is so bubbly, informative, sensitive, professional and very knowledgeable, understands how important it was to me to have all my questions answered. From the beginning to the end, Katie was the only one responding to my emails.

There is always a risk with any surgery even in CANADA and a surgeon is no less a competent surgeon because he is not in our “backyards”.  Cancun is well-known for Plastic surgery and it happen That MY MEDICAL VACATIONS works with one of the most prominent Plastic surgeon in Mexico. He one of the best and once you ve met him; you know right away you are in good hands.

So, on Monday January 13th the day before surgery, my husband and I arrived in Cancun and stayed at LA Quinta Inn hotel for 5 nights which offers amazing rates. Many other patients stay at that same hotel because the staffs  is very caring and amazing, and you don’t feel like an Alien walking in the Hotel.  They are use to Plastic Surgery patients.

We met in the hotel lobby and from there we were taken in charge immediately.   Cecy (the assistant driving us around to our medicals appointments) is very sensitive, calm and reassuring, and drove us  to get my blood work done, then dropped us off at the hotel to have a quick lunch. By 5pm, Cecy came back again to drive us my husband and l to meet the surgeon and discuss the surgery and gives us  all paper work to read carefully and sign once you are back at the hotel….. they never RUSH YOU ,gives you all meds ( FREE)  then she drove us to the cardiologist to have test done…this is mandatory they make sure you are healthy to get surgery if not they cancelled  and it did happen to another woman.

Tuesday morning the day of surgery, Cecy pick me up and drove me to this brand new modern state of the art plastic surgery center and  a nurse set me up in this comfy like home room and the anesthetist came and introduce herself to me and the surgeon also came in to draw on my body what he was going to do,  as l was rolled in into the operating room , Cecy kiss my forehead just like my mom would do and last thing l know, l  was already back in the wake up room with my husband waiting for me. Surgery took 6 hours. Later that night Cecy drove us back to the hotel in a wheelchair.  Everything went well and of course tired from the anesthesia but all went well  and very little pain from my surgery, the most pain came from sleeping  half sitting up  and my back was hurting so much that l decided to take the pain killer for my back hahah ( If you have to bring 1 thing please bring a plane pillow it help you sleep and hold you head)  The next day meet with the Dr and beside being swollen it look pretty good and  barely no bruising( l took Arnica Montana 5 natural medicine highly recommended for plastic surgery for bruising  and healing it worked for me ( Took 10 days before and 1 week after) they can provide it for you in Cancun but too expensive in Canada its 7.95 a box.


Every night Lolita the nurse came she is the sweetest girl that you just want to take home with you….she gave me a shower, wash my hair, wash my special bra that by the way its FREE not like in Canada that you have to pay for everything specially house call from a nurse.

Without MY MEDICAL VACATIONS support it would have been harder for us to get around and knowing where to go for everything.  We felt secure and for that we can never thank enough KATIE AND CECY for their compassion and humanist. We never expected the service being so good we taught after payment we will see them less but never happen and they also don’t overbook patients so they concentrate on giving the best humanly possible services.

Today its  post-up day 9th and look pretty good no pain just breasts swelling. Although it is still too early to see the outcome of both surgery but will post pictures soon.

Thank you My Medical Vacations, thank you Katie and Cecy,

I will not hesitate a minute do use MY MEDICAL VACATIONS  again

Breast lift and eye lid (higher and lower surgery) Testimonial

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