How to Prepare For Your Medical Vacation in Cancun

How to Prepare For Your Medical Vacation in Cancun

The biggest concern for people travelling to Cancun, Mexico is safety issues that have come to light especially due to recent political and social strife and unrest in the country. Much is the case with other popular destinations for medical purposes, but one thing to note is that out of the millions treated in any one of those international clinics and hospitals, not a single patient has come to harm.

Medical tourism is very much unlike the traditional vacation, because the tourist is travelling to another country for the sole purpose of availing the medical services the country is famous for. In most cases the tourist will have little time for sightseeing, although some do but the main focus will be on the medical side of the visit.

No Trip, is complete without proper preparation

It’s only common sense to prepare well ahead and in advance for such an important trip, and to Cancun Mexico of all places. You will have to face a lot of changes once you step out of the plane and in order for your entire plan to run smoothly, it’s best that you get an idea of what to expect and prepare for.

A day before your flight, check travel warnings for the exact locality of the city you will be staying at from the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Determine the most suitable form of payment

On one hand converting your cash in local currency provides the least hassle and is usually a great way to get value for the money due to conversion rates. On the other hand this method of payment is the least secure and reliable once the bag of bills is stolen or lost.

For your shopping excursions, always carry small bills in your wallet. Not only is it unsafe, to carry large wads of large notes but it will only give you trouble as most market vendors can’t or won’t break big bills. One other extremely important thing to note before getting on the plane for Cancun is to know the exact currency conversion rate to help you further along the way.

To get around this hurdle, find out whether the hotel you are staying at or the hospital offers lockers or safes to ensure that your money and other valuables are kept in a safe place. Other options for medical travelers are traveler’s checks and credit cards, although it’s better to check whether your treatment center will accept the mode of payment or not.

Learn about the food services offered

The food offered in medical facilities that cater to international patients in Cancun is usually different from the bland fare that is a norm from the facilities back home. However, it’s advised that patients be careful when trying out the local cuisine especially after a surgery, or if on medication before it. A good tip is to contact a dietician before setting out.

By following these simple rules, you can prepare for your medical vacation to the fullest and ensure that there is not problem during the whole stay.

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